Restore a life like Gaspar's

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Gaspar's Story

"My name is Gaspar Rios Juarez. I started to drink alcohol at the age of 21 years old. After my 4th DUI, I left a bar and drove causing an accident that almost killed a woman. It was a miracle she didn’t die. I was now facing 5 years in prison. My Mother had been praying for me to leave my drinking and God answered her prayer by leading me to Adult and Teen Challenge Faith Home Network. Day by day God was working in my life. I stared to know God and love God. I gave my life to the Lord. God heard all my prayers and I graduated from teen challenge.

At my last court date my mother suffered when she found out that I had to serve time in prison. Rick Souza (Executive Director) was there for me, I will never forget that. After prison I came back to my family here at ATC Faith Home Network because here on this ranch we are a family. All of us here pray for one another and for freedom from life-controlling issues. Today I am a staff member of ATC Faith Home Network and I thank God for this transformation. I learned how to love God first, how to love myself, how to love my brothers and sisters, and experienced restoration in my family.

I am a follower of God forever. Thank you for taking a moment to read these words, thank you for your support and your donations to keep these doors open. This program is giving hope to those in need, the way I needed it."